Kosher Gift Mix "MAZEL TOV" for Bar Mitzva Birthday or Bris

Kosher Gift Mix "MAZEL TOV" for Bar Mitzva Birthday or Bris

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Kosher sweet gift "MAZEL TOV" for any event  - At HomeKosher, we believe that your friends and family deserve the best. That's why we have mixed all of your favorite Israeli snacks into single gift packages that may decorate any Bar Mitzva, Birthday, Bris or any other family occasion. That's why we gave it a name - "MAZEL TOV". 

The package includes:

 2 x Klik Chocolate Snack - CHOLOV YISROEL

 2 x Dubonim Snack - PARVE

2 x Milk Cream Filling Chocolate Bar - CHOLOV YISROEL

8 x Mikol HaLev Milk Chocolate Pralines - CHOLOV YISROEL

2 x Classic Pesek Zman + Mekupelet Chocolate - CHOLOV YISROEL

2 x Liklukim Sour Rugs - PARVE

13 x Fruit Flavor Toffy Brachos Candies - PARVE

6 x Sweet Wishes Bonbonniere Chocolate  - CHOLOV YISROEL


 - Bag of Bamba Snack + Bag of Nougat Cream Bamba Snack - PARVE

 - Bag of Grill Flavor Doritos + Bag Hot & Sour Doritos - PARVE

Gift wrap includes the following:

   - Gift wrap, usually cellophane or bag appropriate for the item

   - Decorative ribbon

   - Printed card with your gift message on the top of the package

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