Elite Kosher Doritos Snack Mix 70 grams Pack of 36 FREE SHIPPING

Elite Kosher Doritos Snack Mix 70 grams Pack of 36 FREE SHIPPING

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"Some things simply go best with the guys" At Doritos, we believe that your very best friends are much more than just friends. They are the ones who make up the experiences, memories and moments that stay with you for life, the ones that leave you hungry for more long after they're gone. Because between us, the things you'll remember in life aren't the exams or the math lessons, but that time when you were sitting on the fence, eating Sweet 'N Sour Doritos and telling jokes for hours. Or that day in summer when it was soooo hot you all had absolutely no choice but to cut history class and go hang out on the beach with a bag of Flaming Hot Doritos. Like a snuggle rug in winter, ketchup on fries or a song by Britney at a great party, Doritos is that little extra "crunch" that hits the spot every time you meet up with the guys, making each get-together perfect. No matter if it's summer or winter, if you're home or out or if the music is the coolest or sucks, all you need is a bag of Doritos and your very best friends, and it'll turn into that kind of evening you'll never forget…

The package includes:

12 x Flaming Hot Doritos

12 x Hot & Sour Doritos

12 x Grill Flavor Doritos



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